When Vets and Accident Victims Need a Hand, This Guy Builds Them

The goal: cheaper and better prosthetics

Prosthetic limbs can be extremely expensive; for most people a single limb can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. But for Howard Kamarata, a U.S. Navy vet and his friend Casey Barrett an engineer it only took $100.  Kamarata, a 57-year-old Arizona native, lost three of his fingers in an electrical saw accident. Barrett was a man that Howard met at a church event, found out he is an engineer that has  been researching prosthetics  that helped him with his problem.

With a glove, a few screws, and some high-strength braided fishing line, they had the base of the hand and this only cost them $20, they used a 3D printer to get the fingers this cost them about $50. Kamarata  now can do many things that he wouldn’t  be able to do without his prosthetic hand and now the two men are bringing awareness to the RecFX Foundation, which is working to provide more affordable prosthetics to those who need them.