Federal Marshalls, NYPD Officers injured in Gun Battle with Abuse Suspect

Charles Mozdir, on the run from law enforcement in his home state of California, was tracked to a small store in New York City.

Now when some people hear about this don’t you think terrorists oh my god are they ok some people do.   Most people know some officers personally so yes I know and so do a lot of people think cops are racist white cop takes down black man you hear about it all the time especially everyone in NYC and yes, the suspect is dead it is not good to shoot but people that commit crimes like shooting officials and sending them to the hospital deserve to be in jail for a very long time but back on topic here is the backstory ok so the suspect is a small smoke shop and an officer walked in and the suspect shot at the officer twice.

Now if the officer was not wearing a bulletproof vest he would have bled out and died on the spot but he was wearing a vest after that the officer went back and some backup officers and a few marshalls and the suspect was shot dead in a shootout but before he was shot and later pronounced dead he shot three officials two of which were marshalls and the other was an officer with nypd. the marshalls were shot in the elbow and the buttocks most likely trying to get away from the suspect. A passer by said “the scene was shocking and out of place.”

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio also added “they have to put there lives on the line to protect and serve us and thats exactly what they did.”