Rare Calico Lobster Caught off New Hampshire

A fisherman has caught a rare lobster that’s bright orange with dark blue spots. Josiah Beringer found the calico lobster on July 23 in the New Hampshire’s Hampton Harbor.  Beringer told the Portsmouth Herald news that the lobster was found in an area known as Washerwoman Rock.

He donated the to the Explore the Ocean World Oceanarium in Hampton.The aquarium’s Ellen Goethel says calico lobsters are the second rarest in the world, after albino lobsters. She says the spots are the result of a genetic pigmentation mutation occurring in approximately 1 in every 30 million to 50 million lobsters.  With those odds, the chances of even a commercial lobsterman finding another one in his lifetime are pretty close to zero.  This reporter doesn’t understand why Beringer chose to give the creature away instead of keeping such a rare thing for himself.