Old Nazi War Criminal Arrested as Accessory to 300,000 Murders


Wester4uk (via Morguefile)

A sculpture memorial at Auschwitz-Birkenau

On September 17, 2014, German authorities charged a ninety-three-year-old man with accessory to 300,000 murders, in Auschwitz during the Nazi regime. The man’s job was to remove the luggage from the concentration camp to get eliminate clues to the genocide happening in Auschwitz; many of the prisoners were put into the gas chambers, if they were incapable of working in the factories. He was supposed to dig through their luggage for anything valuable and/or cash to give to the Nazi German government.

The original case was dropped in 1985 due to lack of evidence, and the current case is only trying the defendant for the time between May 16th to July 11th of 1944. when the Nazis started to deport Hungarian Jewish people. The prosecution is debating on whether or not to charge the defendant with new charges along with the original ones. Many survivors of Auschwitz and their families will be attending the trial.  All in all, about sixteen survivors or their families will be attending.

Some people think that it isn’t worth while to charge and finding guilty a ninety-three-year-old man, while others believe that there should be justice for what had happened in Auschwitz, no matter how many years have passed.