Was Her Death Justified?


Zully Shepard

Memorial for Priscilla Gaspar on Kirk Road in West Palm Beach, Florida.

On September 24th, 2013, 3 year-old Priscila Gaspar was run over by a pickup truck in West Palm Beach Florida, Kik Road. The owner, Steven Barnes, was the driver of the truck and was 56 years-old. Steven was driving with a suspended license, while intoxicated. When local resident Zully Shepard was asked “What was Steven’s reaction right after the incident had occurred?” Zully had responded, “He wasn’t present at first, it looked like he was trying to run away.”  Zully Shepard had also said that a woman in a pink shirt was saying “He’s running away!” Leaving residents such as Zully Shepard and Anthony Shepard to aid the little girl by wrapping her head in a towel they owned.

Zully Shepard had stated that “He was on the phone as if he was trying to come up with a story.” When he looked at the little girl on the road, he began to smoke a cigarette and say, “Oh, she looks F***** up,” as if he had no remorse to what he had done. Zully Shepard was later asked, “Do you believe his sentencing was appropriate for what he had done?” She had replied, “No, Priscila didn’t get to live her life. The mother can’t love or touch her baby, He should be in there for life.” Steven Barnes was only sentenced 8 and a half years to life.