Let it Snow?


“Let it Snow” isn’t just another song lyric coming from the late Sammy Cahn. In many states across America it is the reality of many residents. Yes, you were correct to think that the air did seem a little more nippy than usual. Still don’t believe me? Monday, September 22, 2014, had a temperature high of 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Exactly one year ago you would be able to lounge in luxury to a toasty 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, how does that sound for a drastic change?

But why are our precious fall-like months being cut short for a self-righteous winter? What is known as a polar vortex is moving our way. The polar vortex is formed by an area of low pressure that circulates down from the North Pole. In recent years, this polar vortex, also known as a jet stream, has circulated further south than once recorded. It is irregular to see the such drastic temperatures in the colder states of New York, Washington, and Maine.

Now, this isn’t some kind of weird natural disaster that the doomsday preppers have been spouting about for years, although it might be a good idea to hunker down for some time. You can be certain about a white Christmas this year! It has been rumored that Jefferson County will see snow as early as late September. We will see a white Halloween and Thanksgiving too! So, break out the snow pants and shovels because as John Snow said, “winter is coming.”