Buying an iPhone because its an iPhone?

As the years pass, consumers repeatedly complain that Apple makes minimum changes when it comes to its Iphone as they continue to produce more and more models of what seems like the same phone with one, maybe two significant alterations. With a company that is reportedly worth around 510 billion dollars, many people expect much more than changing the color selections or adding a couple inches into the size of the phone. Apple has done what seems like the impossible on multiple occasions, first with its Mac Computer, then with its Ipod, and finally with its Iphone. Technology which was nothing short of revolutionary. Ever since the release of the Iphone 4 it has seemed that Apple has come to a screeching halt with it comes “revolutionary” technology. With products like the Ipad (a large version of the Ipod Touch), the Ipad mini (a miniature version of the Ipad but is still bigger than the Ipod Touch), the Iphone 4s which implemented its new Siri technology(which has great capabilities if only its consumers knew how to use it properly),the Iphone 5c and 5s (which biggest changes were a new selection of colors you can get your Iphone in), and now the Iphone 6 and 6 plus which have some new features with it IOS 8 update but their big selling point on the $500 dollar phones is the simple increase in surface area.

With little to no changes or customizability in the Iphone why is it still to this day crushing the competition when it comes to sales. Most would agree that companies like HTC and Samsung have come up with several  features that Apple could only dream of at this point. Things like “swype” texting, full-set customization,  and “widgets”, Samsung’s Galaxy line have become the epitome of a truly “Personal” smart phone. Linked with Google and all other Samsung products, the opportunities with these phones are nearly endless. But despite all this, you can hardly go anywhere without seeing someone holding an Iphone. Why is this?

The nagging question seems to always come to the same answer, “People buy Iphones simply because they’re Iphones.” Owning an Iphone has become some what of a social standard in America and doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. Sure Apple could probably put out a phone that would beat any competitor. But why waste all of their good ideas on one phone when they can release one or two of them every year and still make as much, but for longer. So rather than complain nothing ever changes and then go right out and hang Apple your rent check, explore the options. Iphone isn’t the only Smart Phone out there.