Have You Heard of Krokodil?


Screen capture from Vice news YouTube channel.

A narcotic street drug that started out in Russia has been spreading out into our world, causing the destruction of many lives. The drug has made it’s way into Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

This flesh eating drug is known as Krokodil. They call it this because of its effect on users of the drug, turning their skin scaly such as a crocodile, and even causing it rot off. They also call it by another nickname, the zombie drug, because when they are on the drug, they look like Hollywood’s idea of zombies.

Krokodil was once researched and shown on a 2012 documentary done by Vice news on Youtube. The drug is used just in the same way heroin is. The difference is that the drug is 10 times stronger than heroin.

You can find the ingredients in any 24 hour drug store. People should be aware of the ingredients so that cashiers and employees have the ability to notice when all the ingredients are bought at once. The awareness could possibly lessen the amount of people buying the ingredients, therefore, lessen the amount of people doing the drug.