Ebola’s Reached the U.S., Are We All Going To Get It?


Screenshot from CNN.com

Thomas Duncan is the first to be diagnosed with Ebola within the United States. Duncan has recently been in his native Liberia which is where he caught the disease.

Duncan had been staying in an apartment with four others upon his arrival to the U.S. The four were quarantined within the apartment and were to remain there until October 19th. By that date, an ample amount of time should have passed to determine if any of them had contracted the virus.

Duncan’s partner, her son, and her two nephews have been moved to a new, private residence in Dallas while the previous apartment is cleaned out.

Duncan is currently in isolation in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. On Saturday, the hospital released a statement saying “Mr. Duncan is in critical condition.”

The hospital has received some fire for how they dealt with Duncan’s first visit a few days prior. Duncan’s partner relayed to CNN’s Anderson Cooper the hospital staff was informed that Duncan was suffering from abdominal pain, fever, and had recently arrived from West Africa, twice. This information should have been a key tip to check the patient for Ebola, however the staff never properly relayed this and so Duncan had been released with only an antibiotic.

Though many may be afraid that because more than 3,400 have died from Ebola in West Africa, the same will happen here, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases assures us that “Our health care infrastructure in the United States is well-equipped to stop Ebola in its tracks.”