Do You Know About Civil Forfeiture?


How would you feel if the police took your money just because they assumed it was for drugs? And there was nothing you could do about it? Well, this is happening now, and it is called Civil Forfeiture.

Civil Forfeiture, also known as Civil Asset Forfeiture, is a form of confiscation of assets by the state, pursuant to law. In simpler terms, the police are confiscating the property of citizens if they assume there is intent of criminal activity involved with the possessions.

This topic has resurfaced and become more widely known when John Oliver posted a video explaining the issue on his segment Last Week Tonight. His video highlights what Civil Forfeiture is, how it is happening, and what is being done about it.

People who have been involved in cases like this have begun to give up and just let the police keep the money or objects confiscated, because the process of getting them back is strenuous and often times, regaining property is difficult. In several cases, people have lost their money, due to the police assuming it was to be used to purchase drugs or other illegal paraphernalia, when the actual intention of the money usage was explained.

Homes, cars, and sums of money are just some of the major objects that have been confiscated. The police have clearly stated that there is not real limit to the amount of  money that is confiscated, and there are no set restrictions to how the police can use that money. This form of confiscation is still happening, and people are trying to stop/prevent this from happening.