Nosebleeds? Maybe it’s a Leech


If you had just been involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered from constant nosebleeds, wouldn’t use assume that all you did was break a blood vessel?  That’s what 24 year old Daniela Liverani and her doctor were thinking.  After a brief checkup, the doctor simply stated to return if if they continued to happen.

After about a month, Liverani discovered something alarming while in her home in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She was taking a shower, when she spotted something out of the corner of her eye.  Her nose bleed seemed to drip down to her lip.  Although she had experienced this before and would dismiss it as a blood clot, this time she decided to check it out.  Looking in the slightly fogged mirror of her bathroom, Liverani saw ridges.  Immediately she knew that these were no ordinary “nosebleeds.”

She then proceeded to go to the hospital where doctors and staff spent approximately 30 minutes pulling a THREE INCH LEECH out of her nostril.  Liverani herself described the event as being painful, because she could feel the parasite gripping the inside of her nose.  She then realized that she could have picked it up on her recent visits to either Cambodia or Vietnam.

With a leech’s growth patterns, Liverani could have picked it up by simply swimming or drinking water and wouldn’t have noticed it was even there.

When asked why she had not discovered it previously, she stated that she never considered it as an option and just thought it was a congealed blood clot.

Liverani then proceeded to take her leech home, even naming it Mr.Curly.  She then boiled the creature, and threw him in the garbage, promising that wherever Mr.Curly is now, he is “long gone now.”