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Little girl taught about racism in worst way possible...

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Little girl taught about racism in worst way possible…

A white lesbian couple is suing  after mistakenly receiving black sperm from a Chicago fertility clinic.

Thirty-six-year-old Jennifer Camblett feels that she knows what discrimination feels like as a lesbian and does not want her daughter to go through the same prejudice she faced. She feels her daughter Payton would be discriminated against  for being of mixed race.

The couple was especially concerned about the state of their daughter hair, this one one of the main issues addressed in the lawsuit.  They claim getting their daughters hair cut is a hassle. Camblett says their daughter has hair of African American descent, and they now have to travel to a neighborhood far from where they live. They say they are not comfortable with doing that because they feel as though they are not welcome and don’t like the constant stares they receive from the native people of the neighborhood.

For an interesting response, check out “An Open Letter to the Mother Upset Over her Biracial Baby.”

The lawsuit claims that the two-year-old  has already been facing racial prejudice in Uniontown, where ninety-seven percent of the of the population in white. The lawsuit was filed on Monday against the Midwest Sperm Bank for wrongful birth and breach of warranty.

The couple spent three years scrambling to find the right donor. They finally found donor number 380, who was supposed to be white.  Cramblett used the sperm and a couple months later decided to save the sperm from the donor, so one day her partner could give birth to a child of her own.

During their journey the couple  was educated with the truth.  An employee at the clinic misread the handwritten order and was now carrying the sperm of donor number 330, who was black!