Will Indian River Keep the New Marching Band?


After ten years of being marching band-less Indian River Central School District is finally getting the marching band back together; but is that such a good idea? I mean, I am in the concert band and the marching band, but we are too inexperienced and the only people who have had any experience in a marching band haven’t taught how to march, keep beat, and play in a marching band. Also, the marching band is really small compared to most other high school marching bands.

But, I’m all for it.

Well, for one thing, the trophy cabinet only has trophies from ten-plus-years ago (weird how the band has more awards than the sports teams), and not to mention the marching band uniform on the two dolls in the trophy cabinet are obviously out of style. Along with trophies our school could go to statewide, national, and possibly international “Battle of the Bands- Marching Band Style” competitions and the ability to go to televised for parades like Thanksgiving and Saint Patrick’s Day. Or they’ll try in the next five years.

Another benefit of the marching band is that the you are getting a better workout from it than gym ever could provide. I mean you march, run, do push ups, and stand at attention, for one and a half hours (2:30 pm to 4:00 pm). And let me tell you, after one year of doing that once a week you’re going to be looking awesome.  Practice is indoors due to the weather, and some of our time has to be spent putting the place back together.  The drum corps practices separately.

The school also has a new color guard, featuring a total of three people, to go along with the reestablished marching band.  If you don’t know what a color guard is, its the group of people who twirl the flags, rifles, and sabers (rifles and sabers are kind of like plastic hollow toys). And that is also a lot of hard physical work.

So, will Indian River really keep a marching band? It’s already had about four meetings, give or take, and a fairly strong following of people outside of band, for those who know that our school has a marching band. I support the idea that Indian River Central School District should have a marching band; and hopefully we’ll be able to keep the program around this time.