Yik Yak+ Stupid= Lockdown

“ Social media takes control of the Suny Canton campus”

At about 11:57 a.m. there was a social media threat to the campus. It reads “please take shelter and lock your door. In danger?…lock all doors and remain away from windows.”  A letter was sent out by the college advising students on their way to the college to change their plans and stay clear of the campus until further notice.

Students were on lockdown but there was no actual threat. All this mayhem was caused by Yik Yak. Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app that allows people to create which are known as “Yaks”.  The app is mostly used by students. The anonymous offender posted this Yak, “this is a message to all SUNY Canton students. If you value your life do not go to class tomorrow. I  plan on killing myself but before I do that I plan on taking as many of you worthless piles of crap, be ready!”

Yik Yak is a cross between Snapchat and Twitter. It has nearly 500 users who connect through GPS tracking on their phones. One of the co-founders told CNN that the site has already retained a few hundred users, mainly on the southeast and east coast college campuses.