Foot Fetish Cop Charged

A police officer in Texas was charged with official oppression for offering to sniff/lick a young woman’s feet in exchange for letting her go. The incident occurred on August 11, when police officer Patrick Quinn, 26, pulled over a young woman and concluded that her insurance was expired and he smelled marijuana in the car.

After searching the car, he told the woman that he found drug paraphernalia.

Quinn told the woman that he had a foot fetish and offered to let her go in exchange for letting him sniff  her feet. He also added that if he sniffed her feet he would most likely lick them as well.

She was told that if she refused allowing him to sniff/lick her feet, he would threaten to arrest her.

As the young woman began to take off her boots, Patrick Quinn offered her the option to give him her underwear instead. Before she could answer the question, the officer quickly dismissed the idea he proposed and let her go.

The young woman contacted authorities the next day and when she took them back to the place of where the incident occurred, they found her insurance card and scanned it for fingerprints, which were identified them as Patrick Quinn’s.

Patrick Quinn has been charged with two counts of official oppression and is currently out on bond.