Dubai’s Solution To Public Transit Problems Is… Gold?


When the New York subway system opened on November 1st, 1904, it cost a nickel to ride beneath Manhattan. Since 1904, transit fees have increased dramatically, but so have incentives given by the authorities.


With rising environmental problems around the world, many governments have taken to providing the people who use public transportation certain incentives and gifts to increase the use of public transportation, which in turn decreases the use of means of private transportation, which is better for the environment and the city.


The Persian Gulf emirate has taken notice of this, and now wants people to start using more public transportations, especially buses, as currently only about 13% of people use public transportation.


Dubai is about to take an interesting approach to the incentive system, and take the gold standard for transit subsidies and distribute it to the riders. On Dubai’s “Public Transport Day,” November 1st, Dubai’s public transit authorities distributed a variety of prizes to riders, including almost nine pounds in pure gold.