This is Getting Ridiculous

With the National School Lunch Program more and more students are growing tired of school lunches. For years the running joke has been that school lunches were so gross they “damn near crawled off the tray,” according to Senior Gabrielle Caballero. But now it seems more true than ever.

For years I’ve discredited any accounts of school lunches crawling into the mist and actually looked forward to lunch. The portions were reasonable, the sides were enjoyable, and the desserts were fairly cheap.

But now schools can only give students whole grain bread choices, can no longer sell certain dessert items, and must require every student to select at least one fruit or vegetable before purchasing their lunch. Even if the kid says point blank that they are not going to eat the fruit/vegetable and are just going to throw it away, they still have to take it.

This is getting ridiculous. The state is taking away our vending machines, our ability to sell baked goods on school grounds, and pretty much everything we enjoy about lunch.

Now to top it off they’re selling us these Nestle Tollhouse reject sugar cookies and calling them “chicken patties”. In all fairness, they weren’t really sugar cookies, they were in fact chicken patties (made with chicken). But I think we can all agree those in no way looked appetizing. They tasted fine but these may just classify as the epitome of “ridiculous”. It’s not just our school, schools all over have this problem.

Some have even rejected federal money because they’ve lost so much profit from students bringing a lunch rather than buying one from the school. Let’s hope this doesn’t get out of hand or else your little brother or sister could one day be eating a “chocolate chip cookie” hamburger (not as good as it sounds).