Early Winter Storm Stuns Upstate New York


Hate the snow? Have the latest storms in Jefferson and Lewis County given you a bad couple of days? Things the past week have been getting worse around the North Country more and more snow continues to fall. Perhaps you’ve had a bad week, maybe, but most likely not as bad as the snow storm in Buffalo made 30 hours for the Niagara women’s basketball team.


Nearly four feet of snow left the team’s bus stranded on the side of the road Monday night as the were coming from a game in Pittsburgh. Trapped on the shut down Thru-way for more than a day, the team rationed the only food and water they had (Granola bars, pretzels, and six bottles of water) between 25 people.


They believed they’d only be stuck for a few hours, however things started to get intense once a few hours began to change to a few days. Luckily it didn’t take that long before on Wednesday morning state troopers were able to get everyone off the bus and back to the local station.


The girl’s used social media, such as Twitter, to keep their friends and family informed that they were indeed safe and getting through the storm unharmed.


The snowstorm currently in Buffalo has been stated to be one of the worst in recent memory and is proving to be true. As the days go on the total amount of snow has reached over five feet as of Wednesday 11/19. Interstate 90 has over 100 reports of cars trapped in snow drifts and people stranded.

Unfortunately the storm has already taken the lives of 6 in the area. Heart attacks from shoveling, car crashes, and being stranded and not found in time are several of the causes of death. This has truly been a devastation to the state and the citizens  who are trying their hardest to fight off the snow. Hopefully the snow passes, but until it does stay safe by avoiding unnecessary travel, keeping warm, and stocking food and water in case of being snowed in.