Death of Nolan Burch Shows Fraternity Hazing Continues

Nolan Burch, 18, was an unsuspecting victim of the dangers of over drinking. He was considered an outgoing personality which made him the perfect addition to the Greek fraternity Kappa Sigma.

This year alone a solid 21 million students made the decision to receive a higher education in some kind of vocational school, or four-year university. Of that population about seven million will drop out before they are able to achieve their degree. However, a small percent of these students find an even worse fate. Every year almost 1,825 students fall victim to binge drinking and ultimately die because of alcohol poisoning. This is true West Virginia University freshman Nolan Burch.

The Kappa Sigma fraternity states in their mission statement that they “promote ethical behavior” amongst its brothers. So, why did Nolan Burch end up unconscious in the Kappa Sigma home after the induction ceremony? Why was the chapter house holding an induction ceremony even after it was suspended earlier in the semester because of “an unrelated incidence”?

Despite these horrifying events, Nolan Burch will remembered for being well-rounded. He had many friends, including a variety of companions who will keep his legacy of do-gooding alive.

All Greek activity on the West Virginia campus has been halted while the event is being investigated.