This Tow Truck Driver Delivered Bullets; 5 Dead in West Virginia


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A gussied-up screenshot from WPXI Pittsburgh.

A West Virginia towing company owner has been found dead in his truck,the result of an apparent suicide. The police had issued a statewide alert for his black pickup truck.

39-year-old Jody Hunt apparently murdered four people, including his ex-girlfriend. He also killed two men she allegedly had relations with, and the owner of  a rival tow company.  Hunt had twice been the subject of protective orders filed.

After Hunt was found dead, the police identified the victims as 39-year-old Sharon Berkshire, 28-year-old Michael Frum, Jody Taylor , and Doug Brady.

Witness Al Kisner told the TV news reporters that the incident began on Monday morning when Hunt shot Brady twice in the head. He was supposedly upset because Brady was getting towing jobs illegally.

Berkshire filed a domestic violence report against Hunt last month. On November 22nd Hunt had posted on her Facebook page, writing, “love doesnt judge love accepts you as you are.” Hunt posted a status on his own Facebook profile the day of his death that read, “I except [sic] my actions were wrong but in my eyes just… so  I will leave this world as others did.”