A Swedish Town’s Destructive Advent Tradition

December 1st marks the beginning of Advent, otherwise known as the countdown to Christmas; many Advent traditions include a calendar or a wreath of some sort, the Swedish town of Gavle? A goat, a 42 foot tall straw Yule Goat.


The town has continuously persisted with this tradition, despite the goat being destroyed every single year.


That’s right, every single year, the goat is destroyed. One year it was the victim of a hit-and-run, a wall was erected, the goat had arrows of fire shot at it, guards were hired, then they were bribed, there were even security cameras installed, they were hacked and shut down.


According to Johan Adolfsson, the got’s actually been stolen, in a release to NPR, saying “The goat has been demolished by vandals. It has been hit and run once. It has actually been stolen once”
The goat usually survives about half of the season, we’re yet to see how the goat will stand this year.