No Rest ‘Til We Protest

In Ferguson, Missouri, despite President Obama requesting that people “protest peacefully” riots got out of hand on the night of the grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson. It was a hectic night in Ferguson, with live broadcasts and videos on social media sites such as Vine and Twitter, Upfront in the hands of the protesters. The story can go both ways, people can look at it as an issue of race, white against black. Or the fact that any police officer of any color or religious background can commit such an act.

There is no question in my mind, nobody deserves to die in such a way, no officer, no teenager, nobody in any part of the world, should ever deserve to die in such a brutal way. But the matter of the fact is that we were not there, and we can be sure that his family does not like violent protesting. Remembering someone by honoring them in a violent way is never the way to honor somebody at all.

Looking at videos it had me baffled, particularly one video I saw on Vine, a group of people blasting music yelling “F*** the police” and one man towards the back of the crowd waving what appeared to be a gun in the air, yelling right in police officer’s faces. Another video caught my attention of a man yelling in a black officers face “Look at you, I can see the shame in your eyes.” Maybe that officer joined to protect innocent lives. No one group of people can be blamed for what an individual of the group may decide to do . Not all white people are bad, not all police officers are bad either. There is bad in every ethnic group, every religion, every part of the world. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is no innocence anywhere.

Tear gas was used again that night, something that is banned in international warfare but still used against protesters in Ferguson to break up the crowds. Mr. Obama admits and states that “The country needs to do a better job training our law enforcement to be sensitive to the concerns of minority communities,” (quoted by The Washington Post). This statement can mean a few things, that police are becoming increasingly harsh as the years go by, or that you need to hold the hands of, and baby minorities–but they don’t need to be babied. No one in any part of  the world needs to be. There would be no one to baby if police use their guns correctly. That to me is what this statement means.

Ed Sheneman - Rams Hands Up
Ed Sheneman – St. Louis Rams players’ “Hands Up protest” provoked a police response