Japan’s Underwater City


The Shimizu corporation in Japan recently shared the news that they are designing an underwater city. The firm says this would help the environment and cities that are on coastal lines.

According to statements from Shimizu executives, the design could come to life around year 2035 depending on the growth of technology in the future. This underwater city will be in a sphere like structure that will be 500 meters in diameter and can hold up to 5,000 people.There will be a seawall surrounding it that would keep disastrous waves away while tethers and ballasts keep the enormous underwater city from drifting. As well as being held to the seafloor by spiral structures that can mine energy from the ocean floor.

This idea may sound too idealistic but the Shimizu corporation says that it’s a feasible project. The hardest part of this project will be building the city in the spherical shape that it needs to be in. If they indeed build this city it would cost a hefty 26 billion dollars.