Charter Schools USA in Line to Take Over Pennsylvania School District

A Pennsylvania school district which operates within the city of York is facing takeover by Charter Schools USA, one of the oldest and largest education companies in the United States.

York’s student population, however, is adamant that public school is the best route to take, their protests have gone mostly unheard though.

In an interview with NPR, high school senior Ashlee DeSantis said “We care about our school. We love our school. And we love public school. We don’t want receivership to happen here.”

Unfortunately for the students, their love for a public school setting doesn’t transfer over to test scores. Of the 500 school districts in Pennsylvania, York’s standardized test scores are by far the worst. 84% of households in York are impoverished in some manner, so the city’s stalemated tax base led to financial problems which lie at the base of the takeover bid.

York education officials are fighting the court decision that will allow for an all-charter district by CSUSA, but as long as performance standards are met, the charter will be kept, and Pennsylvania will have an all-charter district