Check Your Bags!

The TSA is known for their intrusive pat downs, but today they are raising even more eyebrows after confirmation that they are now seeing record amounts of firearms smuggled into airports across the country, as many as 2,212.

This statistic is being released weeks after a man traveling from Atlanta to New York attempted to transport 129 guns onto a Delta Airlines flight. He was able to get passed check point by handing off his bag to an airport baggage handler who was an accomplice.

The epidemic has lead government officials to question whether or not airport officials should be allowed to enter secure areas without a screening.

What does this mean for travelers, how will the TSA react to a rising number of contraband entering airports. Surely, their pat downs can’t get anymore evasive than they already are.

The group TSA Out of Our Pants! is enthusiastically pursuing this problem, and for now TSA will stay out of you pants; however, if this growing number of firearms entering airports persist you might want to consider a different form of transportation.