Terror Attacks Stir Debates Across Europe

Recent terror attacks in Europe have led to questions as to whether or not the European security system works or not. With the Charlie Hebdo attack, which left 12 people dead in Paris, and another failed attack in Belgium, and many arrests in other eastern nations, including Greece, tensions are rising between Europe and Syria, which many of these terrorists have confirmed ties to.

The main counterterrorism organization in Europe is Europol, a “switchboard of counterterrorism cooperation,” as Peter Nuemann, from the International Center for the Study of Radicalization. The problem that arises when discussing security, however, is civil liberties.

One of the biggest issues in balancing the security and liberties is surveillance, in Germany there is a big issue when it comes to surveillance, whereas in a city such as London, it’s common knowledge that a person is watched throughout the day by various mobile camera units, video boxes, and surveillance cameras.

The debates about security are still yet to be resolved, and many questions are now left unanswered by European governments.