How Far Will They Go?

During the week long raid, Boko Haram simultaneously attack two major cities in Nigeria. One was Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state and the other was Monguno, the location of a major military base.

A Nigerian military officer in  Maiduguri told CNN that the militant group was successful in commandeering the town of Monguno as well as it’s military barracks.

The officer said, “Our soldiers initially repelled the terrorists but they mobilized more fighters and came back in full force. They overwhelmed our troops and forced them to retreat.”

The strategic purpose of the military base in Monguno was to prevent Boko Haram from reaching the capital city, which has a population of about 600,000. Now that it has been taken over, what will happen to the capital?

“So long as we have the resources, we will continue to regard the efforts to reclaim peace our No. 1 area of commitments. I want to reassure the good people of Borno State that we will never abdicate from our responsibility as those they entrusted with leadership,” said Borno Governor Kashim Shettima.

Military efforts have been focused on Borno since the attacks.

The village of Jintilo, which is three miles from the middle of the capital, was also attacked. Residents were asked to evacuate the city and the ones who remain are under curfew for an indefinite amount of time. They are also being asked to remain inside.

The attack in Jintilo came the day after President Jonathan Goodluck made a campaign stop in Maiduguri for the coming election in February. He promised to put an end to the insurgency if he is re-elected.