ISIS Terrorists Burn Jordanian Pilot to Death on Video

Jordan has confirmed the death of Mooaz al-Kassabeth, who was a pilot.  He was captured by ISIS members when his plane crashed  in Syria during a mission.

Kassabeth was held in a cage, apparently doused in accelerant, and then was set on fire. A twenty-two minute video was released that shows him being led to the cage at gunpoint. The video is said to be highly edited [and so graphic we didn’t feel right linking to it. –Ed] A short time after the video was released, a Jordanian spokesman said Kassabeth was actually assassinated on January third.

He was twenty-seven and apparently held the rank of lieutenant in the Jordanian Air Force. He was one of eight children and graduated from King Hussein Air College. His father told the Jordan Times that his son was very modest and religious. By way of illustration, he mentioned that his son committed the whole Quran to memory.

Before news of his death, Jordan was negotiating for his release, in regard to the ISIS demand that a female suicide bomber, Sajida al-Rishawi, was let out of prison.  They apparently made these demands after Kassabeth had already been executed, leading to further outrage in Jordan and elsewhere.

ISIS has also executed other prisoners on video–many of them foreign journalists, most recently a Japanese citizen, Kenji Goto.

In his hometown, crowds filled the streets seeking their revenge for the wrongdoing of ISIS. Some still questioned why Jordan was involved in this fight in the first place, siding with American and European forces.  But others in Jordan are now basically calling for revenge.

At press time, it seems that Jordanian authorities have executed the prisoner that ISIS was interested in exchanging.