The Era of a New Bed Bug

Bed bug experts yes that is a real thing someone who studies the pest. Besides the point new research has been released that with genetic evidence where the bed bugs exactly comes from. In other words they have been around for a very long time, even 3,300 years ago. Based on this research experts say the bed bug is now splitting into a new species , but how does this make you feel. What can this new era of bug look like and be like will it not just infest subways and hotels will it be able to stick to your skin or bury itself under your skin? The very thoughts of what this bug could be like is scary to think of.

Bed bugs originated from caves where they fed on bats, experts suggest that they found a new food source known as humans where they traveled with us around the world, infesting our lives. Bed bugs split from feeding off bats to feeding off humans dating back to about 245,000 years ago. If correct, with modern understanding of humans the most accurate conclusion would predate bed bugs by 45,000 people. In other words even though the two different bugs of bat feeding and human feeding are very much the same studies show they are completely different genetically. This leads to experts thinking that the bed bug is now splitting into another species.