Is Your Smart TV Spying On You?

In a recent CNN article called “Your TV May be Watching You.” Written by Bruce Schneier there was a claim that your tv may be eavesdropping on the owners recording conversations, with the voice command feature which basically treats your voice as a remote. Eventually, all voice conversations will be forwarded to the internet, and/or sent to what Samsung claims as their “third party.”

What about with Samsung telephones and their voice option that may be used instead of typing your text message? Samsung isn’t alone in this accusation however, Google is said to listen as well. Samsung uses Google software on their phones, so is there a connection here? When you first start up your new Samsung phone, the first thing is asks you if for your Gmail.

On the other hand, according to PC news website in an article called, “Samsung Our TV Are not Listening To Living Room Chatter,” by Stephanie Mlot, Samsung said “Voice recognition capabilities of it’s smart TV’s sets do not listen to living room conversations.” Yet Samsung did warn users that any sensitive information said around your smart TV will be sent to their third party.

So in other words it’s not recording, but it is? It’s a very confusing matter. Samsung’s third party works with converting various speeches into text. Whatever Samsung claims, any device can be hacked and anybody can watch you through your computer cameras or phone cameras, and anybody can hack into your texts. If a crazy girlfriend can, anybody can.