Mars: Ready for Lift Off!


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A 2013 test of the Mars launch rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

We landed on the moon and now we are shooting for Mars. A select group of thrill seekers will be the first to walk the surface of planet Mars, even more, they are planning to create permanent human habitat.

The universe is an expansion of mystery but the group known as Mars One is one step closer to unraveling the puzzle by placing human colonies on Mars. This idea was put into action by Dutch visionaries Bas Lansdorp, and Arno Wielders who further commissioned a crew comprised of international names with titles as varied as NASA Chief Technologist and Creative Culturist. Their mission statement states, “It is Mars One’s goal to establish a human settlement on Mars,” amongst other things it further says, “Human settlement on Mars will aid our understanding of the origins of the solar system, the origins of life and our place in the universe.”

Once a tentative plan was laid out, the new question was who would be the first to establish the human colony. Luckily, there were an abundance of adventurers up for the challenge, as many as 2,000 applicants. Of the 2,000 applicants, 100 were short-listed with great prospects of being the first to walk Mars. The candidate must display a combination of resiliency, curiosity, honorability, and creativity on top of being a physically and mentally sound.

But having all the smarts in the world won’t win you a one-way ticket to the Red Planet.  Applicants will be put through a strenuous test that resembles a kid-friendly version of The Hunger Games, but in reality is a test to evaluate the applicant’s fitness for a very long space journey and a lot of hard work once they land.

Mars landing hopefuls have started coming forward in media announcing their eager anticipation. Their enthusiasm is not dampened by the skeptics trying to poke holes in their galaxy travel plan.

The first human-bearing space shuttle lifts off in 2018 after a series of eight test runs.