New Emojis?

New Emojis?

You’ve tweeted, complained about, and have even signed petitions… And now, its finally here…new Emojis.  Yes, as if 722 wasn’t enough, Apple has announced recently that in their new ios 8.3 update (coming out later this year) around 300 additional Emojis will be able to be used in IMessage.  But what are the new Emojis going to be? People have asked for numerous things, ranging from more sports to food, but the inevitable question that lingers in everyone’s brain is, “Where are the black Emojis at?” In fact when asking around “What Emoji would you like to see in the future?” IPhone user Belles said, “I’ve thought about how there aren’t enough races.”

And that’s exactly what Unicode, the standard for Emojis, has addressed.  In addition to thirty-two new flags, there will be more Emojis expressing diversity.  Now for every person Emoji, there will be six different race options.  Why six? The staff over at Unicode has picked their choices on what color to feature these Emojis by using the Fitzpatrick classification scale, which is used by dermatologists.  And don’t worry about having to scroll past millions of pages of the same Emoji.  Under the original icons, there will be a pop up bar, like how you get accent marks in the regular qwerty keyboard now.

There will also be additional pair Emojis, featuring same sex couples.

Many say that this is the step in the right direction, nonetheless, some are still up in the air.  After the new race Emojis preview was released, several people believe that the yellow skin tone seems a bit racist.  However, Apple has stated that the yellow Emoji does not represent the Asian race, but a generic one instead, similar to what LEGO has done with their characters.

So what can we take out of this? We will never be able to be happy with what we have, even when it comes to Emojis, the only place where we cannot only send four different types of mailboxes, but a poop sporting a smiley face as well.