Net Neutrality Approved–Big Win for Consumers!


Courtesy Tribune News Service.

The historic (and much appreciated) FCC Vote on Net Neutrality was approved by Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Net neutrality is the principle that internet networks are equally available to all types of legal content generators. Most cable and internet provider companies will now be prohibited from discriminating against content  by slowing transmission speeds or looking for payments in exchange for faster lines.

 The Federal  Communication Commission’s voted on Thursday to pass new net neutrality rules that are suppose to make sure internet service providers treat all content equally.  If your website is big or small, this is good news.

 Putting this new principle into action at a time when internet streaming technology is changing so quickly made this challenging for FCC chairman Tom Wheeler. He wanted to balance different interest of influential content streamers like Netflix and YouTube.

 Some details of this proposal are still unclear, such as whether the FCC would have the power to enforce any interconnection agreements. Whether Netflix can continue to pay some ISPs to locate its service closer to their network’s key distribution points so they will be able to stream movies without having too much lag is also still unclear.

The proposal to treat the Internet as a public utility was approved on Thursday, February 26th.  This is seen by many as a victory for individual users/consumers against corporate power.  

Much publicity was brought to the case by TV comedian John Oliver, who in June compared Wheeler to a baby-eating dingo dog; public outcry actually shut down the FCC’s comment system for a while with overwhelming traffic.