Feds: Darren Wilson will not be prosecuted

On Wednesday, The Justice Department informed the public that their doors will be closing and will not prosecute former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. They chose not to bring criminal charges in the shooting death of an unarmed African American. The death of the 18 year old prompted a re-examination of police officers towards the minorities in the community. According to the Justice Department, “There is no evidence upon which prosecutors can rely on to disprove Wilson’s state subjective belief that he feared for his safety.”

 Happening in just a brief moment, Brown argued with officer Wilson as he was sitting in his patrol vehicle. During the encounter, Brown reached through the open window after the officer’s gun. Wilson fired the weapon during the struggle, striking Brown in the right hand. Following the initial gunfire, Brown fled the scene and Wilson followed in pursuit. According to bystanders, approximately 180 feet into the chase, Brown turned around toward Wilson. Witnesses insist that Brown raised his hands to surrender but the report found “some of those accounts are inaccurate because they are inconsistent with the physical and forensic evidence”.

 The Justice department also released a 100-page report that found systemic racial discrimination within the Ferguson police and court system against minorities. The report answers many controversial issues within the case, including whether Brown was an aggressor and whether Wilson killed Brown as he was trying to surrender.