McDonalds To Rid of Chicken Injected With ANTIBIOTICS

McDonald’s, one of the most major fast food corporations in the world, is in the process of ending their purchase of chicken that has been injected with antibiotics.

The corporation that supplies most of that chicken, Tyson, said that they support their decisions and that efforts have already reduced its rate of antibiotics use by eight-four percent.

A recent investigation discovered massive use of antidotes [?] on chicken farms that sell to McDonald’s. [Need more info here…]

McDonald’s will continue to buy chicken from chicken farms that responsibly use ionospheres ( an antibiotic mostly used for animals that are consumed by humans).The change will affect fourteen thousand chain locations in the United States but, will not be implemented in twenty-two thousand other locations until further notice.

In an effort to appeal to the younger consumers McDonalds is hyping up their presence at the annual Austin, Texas, South by Southwest  festival this year.

They are also hosting three pitch sessions on March 13 that will allow customers to help the chain come up with better ideas.

McDonald’s decision to get rid of the antibiotic filled chicken nuggets is a healthier choice for their consumers. This should make McDonald’s a better franchise as a whole. They have been vigorously advertising the new and improved chicken nuggets, and have made many efforts to appeal to their younger consumers.