Carthage Resident, 18, Arrested For Murder

Community in Shock


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Are these posts from the person who murdered a 62-year-old man?

For an area that is normally quite serene, the past week has been very busy for police. On Tuesday, they nabbed a bank robber at the Watertown Savings, busted a meth lab within the city on Saturday–and worked around the clock to investigate the Sunday murder of a Morrison St. resident.

 A student attending school in Carthage, Kyle A. Box, 18, was arrested on murder charges in the death of Randy J. Bent, 62. Originally thought to be just a house fire, firefighters stumbled upon a victim who had already suffered multiple stab wounds.

According to reporting in the Watertown Daily TimesPolice Chief Charles P. said Monday night the arrest happened quickly with “good old fashioned beating the bushes, looking for leads and following up on them.” However they have yet to release any information on if the two men had any connections between them and how they were able to obtain a suspect so quickly.

 Newzjunky was able to obtain court documents where police Detective Stephen Backus stated that Box confessed to going to Bent’s home and repeatedly stabbing him with a knife. After Mr.Bent fell to the floor, Box lit his body on fire. Kyle Box was arraigned in City Court and sent to Metro-Jefferson Public Safety Building without bail.

Under further investigation on Tuesday, Times found a listing in the casual encounters section of the website Craigslist, under the heading “18-year-old in need of help — m4m (Carthage).” After reading the Times article, I personally went looking for this listing and found another one titled “18 year old Male great personality – m4w – 18 (Carthage)”. Both were posted before the body was discovered by law enforcement. In addition they are eerily similar in characteristics in both texts such as the misuse of the word “their”, lack of capitalization of the word “I’ll” and ending the article with a “:)”. Other similarities include the height of the individual being 6’1”, location of the article, and the age of the individual.