Will You Be Getting An iWatch?

Starting April 24th, you may be hearing conversations like these:

“Hi! Do you happen to know what time it is sir?”

“Certainly, just let me check my new $17,000 watch.”

Yes that’s right, Apple has done it again, adding another “innovation” to their collection of cool gadgets and gizmos.  And this time, they chose to make a watch. The iWatch can be purchased on April, 24th, however, it can also be pre ordered starting April 10th.

The iWatch starts from $349-$399 with the sports edition.  It comes with a water-resistant band that comes in a wide variety of colors.  Other bands include stainless steel, a classic buckle, leather and yes, gold.  At 18 carats, its no wonder the tiny thing is worth a semester of college.

But why would someone buy such an expensive accessory? Well, there are also some pretty awesome features involved with the watch.  For instance you can pay through Apple Pay, and use the force sensitive display (which will perform tasks depending on how hard the watch is pressed down.)  In addition to this, there is also a neat feature called Digital Touch.  In this application people can send drawings, audio messages, and pulses or vibrations.

Unfortunately, as cool as this may all seem, there are flaws.  An example of this is that the device is only compatible with fifth generation iPhones and higher.  Another downfall is that the battery life only lasts anywhere from six to eighteen hours, making it hard for the watch to last the entire day.  And of course the price is an issue since many middle class families cannot afford them.

So in conclusion, the iWatch is essentially an iPhone on your wrist, except the iWatch can tell time…Oh wait…