REAL Lockdown Story: IR Student Busted For Drugs

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Adam Mayers found this suspicious ad.

Indian River High School Senior Arron Wirik was arrested at his home the morning of March 28th after being suspected of possessing and distributing drugs in the school building police say.

On March 26th, IR had a lockdown drill in which the state police brought in drug-sniffing-dogs. Reports say one of the dogs discovered a pound of Marijuana and a 7g of liquid MDMA, or more commonly known as molly or ecstasy, in an unassigned locker.

Wirik was not in school on the day of the lockdown.

After review of the security footage, police say Arron Wirik was found repeatedly placing and removing a black Jansport backpack. Two sets of fingerprints were found on the locker. One belongs to Wirik and the other to a female whose name has not been released.

An anonymous witness reported to police that they saw the suspect take out a brown paper bag from the backpack and then place it into the locker. It was in this bag that the drugs were found.

The juvenile was charged with possession and intent to sell.

“The only reason the cops even got me is cuz’ I wasn’t in school,” shouted the accused to reporters gathered outside the Jefferson County public safety building, as he was transferred inside by State Police.

Wirik has a past record of suspensions and ISS from several schools. His teachers say he misses class often and rarely does his school work.

Arraignment has been set for next week and no bail has been set.

There has been a Craigslist ad placed with a threat to the arresting officer. Authorities believe the ad was posted by the suspects’ girlfriend.

Despite the rumor mill, Indian River is known by those who attend and work there as being one of the safest schools in Jefferson county, so this is a shocking situation to many. Even though this is the case, police and administration still knew just what to do to handle things properly.









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