Do You Want Blue Eyes?

For whatever reason, we have always found people with blue eyes to be attractive simply because of their eye color. Though the majority of people in the world have brown eyes, they crave this so called “rare” eye color. But is it really all that special? The answer is no.

Research has found that everyone actually has blue eyes. In darker toned eyes, like brown and black, the top layer of the eye, or the stroma, has a higher concentration of melanin, giving the iris a darker hue.

In Blue and green eyes, the stroma has a very small amount of melanin. The blue color isn’t actually blue, there just isn’t any pigment in the iris. It appears to be blue due to the Tyndall effect.

Strōma Medical Corporation has recently come out with a surgery that can change brown eyes to blue. This may seem like the impossible, but in reality it’s quite simple. For just five-thousand dollars, you could have laser eye surgery to make your brown eyes blue.

This procedure removes the top layer of the eye; the part of the stroma that has a high concentration of melanin. By removing this layer, the lower layer is revealed giving the patient blue eyes.

Currently, Stroma Medical does not have the capabilities to user the laser procedure on green or hazel eyes.

One of the things that can happen as a result of the surgery is a dark ring around the outer edge of the iris. The exact shade of blue is not the same for every person either. To make certain that the patients want to go through with the surgery, Stroma uses digital imaging to give an idea of the exact hue the iris will be.

This is an amazing achievement scientifically and medically. This procedure is just the beginning of what we can accomplish.