Tulsa Rotary Club Honors Families of OKC Bombing

The Oklahoma City bombing is among one of the most prominent mass murders that has scarred American history. The Oklahoma City bombing occurred April 19, after a man, Timothy McVeigh, parked and detonated a rental truck filled diesel-full bombs in front of Alfred P. Murrah building. The building served as a recruiting center for the Army and Marine Corps, and housed a children’s daycare center on the ground-floor. Once the dust and rubble were cleared, 163 people were murdered and left hundreds of others injured.

Twenty years later, the pain of the day is still present among the grief-stricken community. The building that once stood tall is now a desolate memorial, honoring the the lost lives. The memorial located on Langenheim Park has an exhibit set on a lush lawn holding 163 chairs, 19 of the chairs represent child’s lives taken.

On the anniversary of the tragedy the victims and their families were honored on the twentieth anniversary. In the ceremony, the surviving families spoke words of courage to the nation. Notably, the youngest survivor P.J Allen spoke about how his life was affected 20 years later; at the time of the tragedy he was only 20-months old.

The Rotary Club of Southside Tulsa announced plans to replace the playground located in Langenheim Park. The playground was built in the memory of the playful nature of the lives of the children lost; however, overtime the existing playground was vandalized on numerous accounts and needs a much needed face lift after years of wear and tear. The Club has already raised $35,000 of the $55,000 needed to begin the project. They hope to debut the playground as early as September.