What the Flakka is Wrong With People?


screenshot from WGN News.

Some synthetic drugs, like “flakka” come in brand-name style packaging.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the recent use of the synthetic drug “Flakka” is all the rave, especially in Florida. Its cheap cost and stimulating effect makes it a convenient drug for its consumers.

Recently it has become a more widely abused drug and has lead its consumers to do bizarre and disturbing things. One man was caught naked as he ran through a Florida  neighborhood, as he tried to have intercourse with a tree and told cops his name was Thor.

Another man ran through the streets in broad daylight, afraid that a herd of German Shepherds were after him, though no dogs were in evidence. Two other flakka users tried to break into a Fort Lauderdale police department, in separate incident–one of whom ended up wounding themselves on the iron fence built around it.  Both suspects allegedly stated they were being chased and were trying to reach safety.

The drug which is most commonly smoked, injected, or swallowed is made of a chemical compound called Alpha-PVP. It is usually made overseas in places like Pakistan and China. The name Flakka is derived from a slang Spanish term meaning a thin, pretty woman.

According to the national institute of drug abuse Florida is the leading state for flakka use. this drug is also known as gravel. Most people of the Florida community believe this synthetic drug is dangerous and harmful to their community.