Students Defending Teacher for Burning Them?

Students Defending Teacher for Burning Them?

Samuel Dufner is your typical science teacher who loves to teach, as well as get his students involved in his experiments.

Recently, he was in his South Salem High School in Oregon teaching his students about chemical reactions involving a Tesla coil to ignite gas for rockets.  Towards the end of the class however, the typical, boring, science class turned into something a little more “shocking.”  Dufner then took the coil and made various marks on his hand showing how it can burn the skin.  Naturally, curious volunteers arose to touch the coil as well.

The classroom then turned into a tattoo shop as students requested different pictures from the burn marks, and since it didn’t hurt, many students were having fun and getting creative, burning things like stars and smiley faces into their skin.  Some kids even asked for “I love Mom” to be burned into their arms in accordance to Mother’s Day approaching.

Nonetheless, mom didn’t love that idea.  As students came home and showed off their new marks, their parents became enraged.  An angry phone call was then made to the school, and within a few days an investigation was taking place.  Dafner was called down to the principal’s office just four days after the experiment and was arrested and taken to Salem Police Department and later posted $2,000 bail at the Marion County Jail.

Students at the school who participated in the burning are feeling an immense amount of guilt and are blaming themselves for volunteering.  Cheyenne Ward, a student of Dufner stated, “Almost every student did it, and everyone was laughing when they went up there. Nobody was sad or upset. It didn’t hurt at all.”

Although many students are defending the teacher and insisting it didn’t hurt, it is still is a Class C felony.  He could also be facing up to $125,000 in fines for each count and according to the school and students, he had performed the experiment in four classes.

The marks that the experiments left on the kids are already fading, however, the one left on Samuel Dufner will last for a very long time.