Political Activist Holds Muhammad Drawing Contest: Statement or Insult?


On May 3rd, Pamela Geller, political activist and commentator, held a “Draw the Prophet” contest in Garland, Texas.

The roughly 350 contestants from around the world were asked to draw some sort of image, either positive or negative, of the prophet Muhammad. Any caricature of the prophet is strongly against As expected, many, if not all of the drawings were negative. The prize for winning the contest was $10,000.

Bosch Fawstin was the winner of the contest. His Facebook page says his parents were Muslim and he was born Muslim himself, however he said he has left the religion and now calls himself a “radical critic of Islam.”

The winning drawing depicted Muhammad holding up a sword saying “You can’t draw me.” There was an artist in the cartoon adding a line who said “That’s why I draw you.”

Two ISIS gunman arrived at the contest with Geller as a target. The security at the event took out the two.

Geller stated that she has no regrets for organizing the event, regardless of the fact that she was a target of a terrorist attack.

Many believe Geller’s actions were extremely absurd and strongly degrading to the Muslim religion. Let’s look at the facts here, not every Muslim person is part of ISIS. Was it worth it to insult those people’s religion?