Fort Drum Reacts to Claimed ISIS Cells in New York

Fort Drum brings out the barricades again, now it becomes a maze trying to get into the local Commissary to get your groceries. No longer can you wait for your wife in your car outside the door, there is  literally barricades blocking all the entrances with a small entrance to get it, now the first thought is what if there is a fire isn’t that a safety code violation, if there were some sort of real fire, there is no orderly fashion. People would be getting trampled on, or even jumping over the barricades to get out.

To get into Fort Drum is even worse than usual, now there is car searches everyday, now you must pull off to the side and open up your trunk while military police search your car, they even bring the dogs out occasionally. Even certain gates have been restricted with no entry. All of this stems from ISIS claims of cells in 15 different states. Apparently, there was an attack in Texas claimed to be the work of ISIS. The warning was signed with the name of Abu Ibrahim Al Ameriki. As a nation we are prepared and taking appropriate measures, and preparing ourselves for the worse, never knowing if you go into the store and the cashier could be a cell.