The Republican War on Planned Parenthood Continues

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

Senator Elizabeth Warren is outraged with the Republican party members of Congress as they are trying to get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood.

In a recent speech she describes the Republican party as if they are stuck in the past, and calls on her colleagues to end this ongoing war on women’s rights.

In the video from the Senate floor she asked, “Did you fall you fall down and hit your head and think you woke up in the 1980s or 1950s? Should we call for a doctor?”

She believes this ongoing war with republicans and women has always been an issue, but is getting worse lately.  Warren states that cutting funds for Planned Parenthood, based on the fact that they do provide abortion services, is actually a series of budget cuts for programs that support women’s health in general, like cancer screenings and STD tests that are free or low cost.  Planned Parenthood clinics are, in some parts of America, the only gynecological or pre-natal services available.

In the current election cycle, it does seem to many, including Warren, that Republicans carry the old belief that the women should have no say and the men should hold all the power.  But why should old Republican white men have any say in what kind of care is necessary for women?

Elizabeth Warren, clearly passionate about the issue, is advocating for all women and is taking a stand. The things she points out in her speech cause people to think about the things that are affecting the lives of millions of women.

Laci Green from Mtv’s “feminist” web series “Braless” also has an opinion on this matter. She also thinks this war between the Republicans and women is uncanny, She introduces the idea that this isn’t the only bill those Republican “representatives” have tried to pass against women. For instance, Green notes that one hundred percent of Republicans voted against the paycheck fairness act, which guarantees equal pay to both men and women (who still earn, on average, 78 cents to every dollar a man gets for the same job).  Five years ago, the Affordable Care Act was passed, which has had a dramatic effect on women’s access to health care especially–while Republicans are still fighting to have it overturned, despite the law being upheld by the Supreme Court.

So Green raises the question, why do Republicans hate women?  And who are they representing when they pursue these policies?

President Barrack Obama says he plans to veto this bill cutting the funding of Planned Parenthood, but the Republicans have escalated and are now talking about another government shutdown if they don’t get their way.