UCF Sigma Nu Frat: They Have a “Rape Chant”

Lex Minnick, Business Manager

University of California Fresno’s Sigma Nu Fraternity was suspended for an undetermined time based on a “rape chant” video that appeared online on June 9th. Four members of the fraternity had returned home from a bar that night. Along with them, one of the fraternity member’s girlfriend was also at the fraternity.

While there, she overheard a chant by the members saying things referring to rape and sexual assault.

An incident report filed with UCF’s Student Conduct Office said “In a video, there’s a brother yelling obscenities, like ‘Let’s rape some [expletives], rape some sluts’ and then yelling, ‘Rape’ over and over again.”

When has this ever been okay to violate womens’ sense of safety, and to be so explicit and clueless?  Why were the members chanting this to begin with?

The member’s girlfriend, who does not attend UCF, took the video and gave it to a UCF student who then took it to the UCF Student Conduct office. She thought the video could give clues to an open police case.

This case included a student who said she was raped at the fraternity last October. That case had been taken to the State’s Attorney Office.

The fraternity member that was accused was “in violation” of sexual misconduct.

The “rape chant” video did not officially shut down the fraternity and only one person was in trouble. But at the same time, the fraternity has been on watch for possible alcohol violations.

Many other fraternities have gotten in trouble recently, often including inappropriate videos. In March of this year, a fraternity called Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma got in trouble over a video of members in the fraternity.

In that video, many racist comments were being sung, in what appeared to be a “traditional” song featuring the infamous n-word, to the effect that black or brown students were not welcome in their organization. The Chapter was shut down after the video was seen & several members were in trouble with the University, including two who were expelled.