Brilliant Car Thief Goes for Drive…Into the Ocean

DeShawn Smith, Staff Reporter

What’s the best way to get away from the police? How about driving into the Ocean? In Perth, Australia a car thief stole an SUV and tried to get away from the cops by driving into the ocean.

According to NBCNEWS, the police chase lasted 2 hours before the thief had no way to go and then drove into the Pacific Ocean as his only option.

A helicopter filmed the failed escape attempt, and video of the suspected car thief is available on NBCNEWS website which shows the man driving along the beach and as the cops close in on him, he drives the car straight into the ocean. A few seconds later the waves push the man and SUV back to shore and for his actions was arrested and was taken away by a police vehicle.

When the thief drove into the ocean, the SUV got stuck almost immediately, and slammed with waves.  The suspect climbed out the window and climbed on top of the vehicle. Two police officers followed him by foot according to NBCNEWS, until they reached a heavy surf that was tossing the vehicle around in the water.

According to Channel 7, Officer Matthew Bruse, one of the police officers that chased the thief, had this to say about the chase: “Looking back now, it was probably a bit risky, but at the time we were just concerned about his welfare.”

The Police wrote about the incident on Twitter, they thanked the Guilderton Caravan Park, Lancelin Police and the Queensland Police Service’s helicopter POLAIR. One Tweet posted said this:

Think you can escape us in your stolen 4WD at#Wilbinga? We have 4WDs too, and air support#youloose #seacruiser — Yanchep Police (@Yanchep_Police) October 6, 2015 [sic]

According to ABC News, the police didn’t accept their request to get more information on the incident, to see if the suspect will be identified and what charges he will be charged with.