Chipotle Closes Dozens of Locations in E. Coli Outbreak

Cherokie DesJardins, Staff Reporter

There has been a recent outbreak of E. Coli in the Chipotle restaurants in Washington state and Oregon. Three people in the Portland area have gotten sick from this and 19 people in Western Washington have gotten sick as well. Eight people have been hospitalized but no deaths have been reported. Only seventeen of the people sick have eaten at Chipotle in the past few weeks.

They say that now the more who hear about this outbreak will most likely go to the doctor to join all the other possible cases. They expect a jump in cases soon…and a lawsuit has already been filed.

They encourage anyone who has eaten at Chipotle in the past few weeks and have experienced intestinal symptoms to go to the doctor to get checked. Anyone who steps forward with these symptoms could help them find the source of the outbreak.

The investigation started with talking to everyone about what they had eaten lately and where they got the food. Test samples from the people diagnosed with E. Coli are being sent to labs in Washington state and Oregon.

They will also test the food from the restaurants and those will be sent to a U.S. Food and Drug Administration laboratory to see if the bacteria from the food matches the human cases.

They haven’t reopened the Chipotle restaurants. That will be dictated by the investigation.

They haven’t made any plans to close any of the other restaurants in any of the other states, unless they have any reason to. There isn’t any other link to this in any other states.