Feds Declare Sexual Discrimination Against Trans Student in Illinois

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

Federal officials say the law has been broken at Townships High School in Chicago Illinois, when school officials denied a transgender student access to the girls locker room. The district claims that this rule stands in an effort to protect the privacy of the other students. The school has tried to force the student to use privacy curtains, but according to the  Department of Education the school can not single out one student by making it mandatory that only she uses the privacy curtains.

According to CNN News, Assistant US Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon said, “All students deserve the opportunity to participate equally in school programs and activities.

The student has not been identified publicly, but takes part in sports on the school’s girls sports team. She is required to change and shower in a different area than the rest of her teammates.  Although many of her peers accept her, the school is still uncomfortable with the idea of her sharing the same locker room as the other girls.The district has been given thirty days to change their minds and take a different position before they face enforcement.

The case has gone under investigation because the school is refusing to follow a FEDERAL LAW, but this case has been being “investigated” for more than two years (the original complaint was in 2013). The school and district stands by their choice as they believe the have been responsive to the needs of the student and dealt with the situation accordingly. Many local people and nationwide observers believe what the district has done is wrong and students should not be taught to discriminate against another person based on sexuality or gender.

Township High School is not the only school that has been put in an awkward position to make decisions based on a students sexuality or gender. Cases of this magnitude have been disputed in Colorado and California, and in both cases the courts ruled on behalf of the students.