PSA: Get Lit, Get Bit

Here, kitty kitty kitty…wh– NO NO NO AAAAAAAUUUGGGHHHH

DeShawn Smith, Staff Reporter

What’s the best thing to do when Halloween is over? Well, if you really need some excitement, how about breaking into a zoo and trying to pet a large tiger?

Jacqueline Eide, 33, broke into Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska to do exactly that. According to CNN, she evaded the security guards to get in.

When she made it past security, she went to the tiger cage and tried to pet an 18 year old Malayan tiger named Mai. When she reached to pet the tiger, the tiger snapped at her hand. Jacqueline Eide now has severe trauma in her hand, according to the Omaha Police Department.

After she was bitten, her friend brought her to a nearby hospital. Later on in the hospital, the doctors had to call police officers regarding disturbance in the hospital. Police said she showed signs of intoxication of alcohol and/or drugs and was aggressive to the staff.

“Through investigation, it was learned  that Eide had made unauthorized entry into the zoo to pet a tiger. When she reached the cage, she was bitten causing severe trauma in her hand,” police said.

The Omaha Police Department charged Jacqueline with criminal Trespassing and to remain in the hospital to be treated for.

According to CNN affiliate KETV, Jacqueline was at risk of losing her fingers from the tiger bite. She also had previous convictions for derelict behavior. CNN reporters are trying to reach out to Jacqueline’s attorney for further comments on the situation.

The Zoo had this to say after the incident,”two people had trespassed (Jacqueline and her friend) after hours on Halloween night, one of whom had been injured.”

Additional safety measures are in the process of being implemented, zoo official Dennis Pate told CNN affiliate KPTM.

The Omaha PD also had something to joke about on Facebook, a friendly public service announcement: “If you pet a tiger, you will most likely get bitten.”